Over the past weeks, we have accumulated a lot of news about the development of our investment platform but let me start with a statement about the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Our online service works as usual and accruals occur without any delays in the period from MONDAY to SUNDAY (All days a week) and we process payments as usual – 7 days a week, despite the quarantine measures taken by our government and the governments of other countries.

We take care of our employees and also take all measures to take care of them, so we were able to rebuild our work smoothly, without any problems. Thanks to high technology development.

We earn as usual, and in some markets and instruments even more, due to correct forecasting and prevailing SHORT positions and volatility in the stock, currency, commodity and cryptocurrency markets.

Now let me tell you about some innovations in online investment platform:

Firstly, we have significantly improved our customer support:

- We have introduced a Ticket system that is more convenient than support requests and is available to registered clients after logging in to their accounts.

Also, we have finally increased our presence in social networks. Now we have not only information channel in Telegram but also:

- Telegram Channel: https://t.me/arbill

- Telegram Support: @mikejokers @billxxx

Secondly, if we talk about significant improvements to our online service, we have launched a service for investing in cryptocurrencies at a fixed rate, in addition to the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies with a floating market rate. We believe that this opens up limitless opportunities for our clients to earn and diversify their assets during a period of high uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thirdly, we have improved our referral system and made it more profitable for our clients. Now it is six-level and is 5% -2%-1%-0.5%-0.3%-0.1% . We are also working on a system of regional representatives and we will inform you about it in the nearest time.

Finally, we would like to ask you to take care of yourself and follow all the recommendations of The World Health Organization and your local authorities. The pandemic will soon be over, just like all the others that have happened with humanity before. Everything depends on us and let's treat ourselves and other people more responsibly.


Yours faithfully,