4,000 Chinese Bank Accounts Reportedly Frozen Due to Crypto Connections

2020-06-10 18:18:00

About 4,000 Chinese bank accounts of over-the-counter cryptocurrency traders were allegedly frozen by law enforcement.

4,000 Chinese...<a href=[Read more]

BEWARE, Perfect Money SSL Certificate expired

2020-06-06 02:00:00

Perfect Money is an online payment gateway. With a long history, trusted by many people, Perfect Money is a reputable...[Read more]

Be Short After $10.3K Bitcoin Price ‘Head Fake,’ Veteran Trader Warns

2020-06-04 03:36:02

A brief breakout into bullish territory for BTC/USD was a red herring, says John Bollinger, who is urging “caution” among...[Read more]


2020-06-02 04:39:45


Dear Clients,

Yesterday, we had some information about a fake project called Gold-Sonic (https://gold-sonic.com/). They copied the Arbill project...[Read more]

News in May

2020-05-21 03:00:00

Dear Clients,

Firstly, we must fight the serious crisis since the pandemic COVID-19. So, the Arbill project decided to lower all transaction...[Read more]