Dear Clients,

Firstly, we must fight the serious crisis since the pandemic COVID-19. So, the Arbill project decided to lower all transaction fees on the site to $0 from now until the end of May, we want to help investors partly in the current situation.

Secondly, we will start collecting a withdrawal fee of 0.5% when the fee is deducted from the ABF Token for accounts with enough ABF Token. For accounts with insufficient ABF Token, the fee will be charged in $ as usual, the withdrawal fee will be 1%. For example:

- Example 1: Existing account $100 & 101 ABF, withdraw $100 to your wallet, fee for transaction for 1 * 0.5% = 0.5 ABF, account on Arbill will still be: 0.5 ABF.

- Example 2: Existing account $ 100 and 100 ABF, withdraw $100 to your wallet, you do not have enough ABF Token to be a fee for the transaction. So the transaction fee will be 100 * 1% = 1 $. You will receive at your wallet is $99.

In addition, for all withdrawals amounting to < $1, fee = $0.

Thirdly, In the coming June, we will put ABF Token on Smart Contract to be able to apply for Arbill project and some upcoming projects.

Finally, This will be the hottest information for MONITORS / LEADERS, for every 100 active referral accounts (Just Level 1 Accounts), people will receive $1000 in their accounts (Account Level 0).

Best regards,