Thank you to all of you who have trusted and invested in our Arbill project.

During six months of operation, we have tried to fulfill the mission of bringing profits to all of you through many incidents and difficulties.

However, what everyone does not want is that the COVID-19 pandemic affected all industries. We decided to reduce interest rates for registered investors after January 1, 2021. As follows:

- Bronze package: 0.1% / day

- Silver package: 0.2% / day

- Gold package: 0.3% / day

For investors who have registered accounts before January 1, 2021, we agree to keep the interest rates the same:

- Bronze package: 0.8% / day

- Silver Package: 1.0% / day

- Gold package: 1.2% / day

We sincerely regret this rate cut. We hope investors sympathize and continue to accompany Arbill Fund.