As you all know, in the past time, we have encountered some force majeure events, so we had to temporarily suspend interest payment activities for entrustment packages. Most of our profitable investment channels work with partners using Perfect Money payment gateway, so the refusal of service from Perfect Money has disrupted the cash flow, making old investors theirs cannot continue to make profit.

We - the executive team - have always been serious about Arbill's mission since the very beginning, which is to be a channel to help users profit honestly, transparently and securely. After more than 2 years of operation, we have received the help of many outstanding investors, potential start-ups with the potential to generate profits far beyond what our core team has done. We would recommend these projects to you, so that Arbill's users can get closer to them, directly receive trust packages with high profitability and high stability. We know that, not only them, the people we contacted, but also among you, there are people who want to participate in the role of project owner. We believe, this is how Arbill 2.0 started.

Arbill's development team is racing against time to ensure the launch of new features in time for March. The very first features are expected to be a bridge to connect project owners and users. We will work on a solution to help both parties get their fair share. To avoid relying too much on third parties, we will focus mainly on decentralized forms of payment.

We sincerely thank you for trusting and accompanying us during the past time. See you in March.